Studio Tonique is a studio for visual communication, founded by Alexander Horn
in early 2015.

The activities of Studio Tonique include graphic design, publishing, editing, research and curatorial projects.

The studio is located in Frankfurt / Main.
Its team currently consists of Alexander Horn, Lukas Schmidt, Angelika Wendt and Natalie Schäfer.

Alexander Horn teaches typography
at the University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt.


Studio Tonique
Kaulbachstraße 16
60594 Frankfurt / Main

+49 (0)69 858 023 22

Recognition & Awards

German Design Award 2015
Newcomer Nominee

Index Book – Selected B
Graphic Design from Europe
Diploma Project – A Man is Pumping Water…

Nominated – Output 13
Diploma Project – A Man is Pumping Water…

All images, photography, typography, illustration and concepts on these pages, features work by Studio Tonique.

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